Author's Bio

  Bob Fenstermaker was born in 1954 and lives in Needless, New Mexico.

    Most people know it as "Madrid" but either way, it is the central location for the confluence of ideas and consciousness that flow in Fenstermaker's fabulous new book Revolution 222, which is available at

    Bob worked at a major American corporation for over twenty five years. He was able to recognize the politics within that organization were merely replicated on a grand scale in America.

    He has always had a penchant for writing, and in his Revolution 222 novel he uses his talent well, deftly moving between characters in a lovely narrative style, all the while spinning a gripping and beautiful story we all should read.

   Bob is adjusting well to the new dream. He hasn’t a clue as to whether he will ever write another book but this one had to be written. It was a work in progress since 2004 and was completed in February of 2012.

   Always seemingly a step ahead of the times, Bob delivers this work at a time that demands not only a solution but a method to implement it in a way that can help us transition to a new world.

   So, is the character Bob Windowmaker in the book Revolution 222 really the author and writer Bob Fenstermaker? Read the book, then you decide!

"Put the Free back in Freedom"
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