Book Excerpt (Boblovian Address at the Jamboree)   

   "A very wise person once told me; don’t be afraid of being happy. I had to ask myself; was I afraid of being happy? What was I afraid of? I looked around me. I thought I was happy. I had many comforts and some success. I knew living means accepting things as they happen and that not all of what happens in life is happy stuff.

   I was sure that I had acquired enough understanding to realize life is full of ups-and-downs and that I had found happiness through all that life dished out.

  Life had been very good to me; nonetheless, there has always been an underlying sense of not being completely happy, a sense that things should be better.

   This was a feeling I carried with me most of my life. On one hand, I understand that suffering is derived from wanting and desiring, but on the other hand, how could I even possibly feel happy when there is so much suffering and injustice all around me?

    Was my compassion and empathy for other’s suffering an obstacle for experiencing happiness? I concluded that I knew a great deal about suffering, but very little about happiness.

  You create your own reality. Yes, each individual reality experienced by an individual is entirely created by that individual, whether through highly attuned conscious activity, or subconsciously experienced through the filters of our senses.

  Either way, asleep or completely awakened, we are physically manifesting our reality. I’ve tried it both ways. Awakened, I’ve not been able to step out of the shadow of the collective suffering of humanity, awake it is more as if we crate c-r-a-t-e our reality. The effort of creating becomes burdensome when we realize that we also share in the creation of all the suffering that lingers deep inside each of us.

    Being asleep, on the other hand, we effortlessly create our reality in our dreams.

   Oh, if only life was like a dream, effortless creation continuously.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we shared in a collective dream where we could creatively create instead of a crating around a collective reality that is supported by our shared ignorance of any alternative?

  Of course, there we have it. By recognizing that we share in this ignorance, we can awaken to the dream. Once the dream is identified, it can be changed. This dream can end and another one can begin. How simple is that?

    Perhaps it’s not all that hard. We just stop dreaming one dream, and start dreaming another. But to make that switch from the old dream to the new dream, we must pass through a moment of complete stillness. We must stop and see with our souls our old dream and turn away from it, and then, focus on our new dream. Quick, don’t just do something! Sit there! Stop, look and then move forward.

   Ideas are the seeds of dreams. All of us here share this idea of collective individual sovereignty.

  We have moved into the perfect moment when a single idea can be shared simultaneously aided by our new technologies. An idea, a seed, can grow within each of us and together we create a new dream that flowers from our hearts.

 We dream a world of working together as enlightened individuals, people operating from the power of personal freedom that will bring forth helping, sharing, giving, receiving, loving and laughter, comfort and sympathy, a dream not c-r-a-t-e-d by us, rather, a dream that is shaped by our common sharing of the idea of free individual sovereignty, the idea that we each need to take care of our own selves, and the only way to do that is by taking care of each other.

    We now journey forward with a new opportunity before us. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of this, I am thankful for being able to share an idea with all of you. I am thankful for all of you. Thank you.”

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